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Luigi Rossi – Together in the Dark

Together in the dark is a tour event and radio show created by Luigi Rossi to shorten the gap between music lovers and quality music producers.

The name of the project explain his nature and purpose. “Together” want to introduce a sense of union between artists and music lovers and “in the dark” want to express a metaphor of being hidden from a not very well managed music scene where not much space is given to the quality and sadly more and more space is given to what we call a “music product” born to be sold and not for artistic and cultural intent. “Together in the dark” goal is to give more space to a really precise style of music.

All the artists involved in the project are strictly selected by our team to guarantee music quality, building in this way a clean platform where music lovers can finally find great artists, without being hijacked, confused and bored by the music propaganda of nowadays.

We want to achive a familiar imprint of our vision, collecting Music Lovers who fight for the same reasons and under the same colours. We will look forward to find people that will join our cause of a more united world with better music.