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Joaquin Jimenez – Selector Radio Show

Two part show where Joaquin Jimenez selections take you on a ride from deep and dubby to techno


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Joaquin began programming alternative music in clubs and on the radio in the early nineties. Since then, his love for music, technology and production got him deeply involved in DJing professionally, producing and performing his music live. His unique blend of techno, house and electronic genres has seem him perform alongside top national and international DJs. He is recognized to have the hability to read the crowd and select the right tracks at the right moment, he is also very skilled in telling stories with music.

As a producer, enjoys great sucess with a long list of tracks released on labels form all over the world like: Molacacho, Plusquam, Budenzauber, Stripped, Cubek, and others which can be found at the best online stores. He also teaches music production at SAE Institute and is the first Ableton Live certified trainer in Latin America.