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Jennifer Marley – Electric Boom Boom

Through the bass, she found her place. Like most of us who love electronic dance music, we were drawn right from the start, and immediately entered the point of no return. It was the early 90’s and the sounds of house music were harder than ever, little did the EDM world know, these beats were falling upon the: ears, mind, and soul of who is now to be one of the most innovative house dj’s that has ever graced the world of dance music, “The Lady Of The House”, Jennifer Marley.

NYE 2015.2


Instantly Jennifer became a focus in the NY areas of Albany, and Binghamton areas, her full throttle promoting style, had her throwing heavy parties, (those old ones we still dream of today), earning her the unique opportunity to work alongside angelic EDM pioneers such as: Frankie Bones, Josh Wink, Adam X, allowing her to be a part of the concrete foundation, that the dance music world is built on to this day. What Jennifer did next should be the basis for every, business success class taught worldwide. When most of us left our house, we walked away; Jennifer brought the house with her. Upon her arrival to Central Florida, the break beat explosion was at its apex. As a true native of the EDM world Jennifer embraced the sound of Florida and its break beat style of dance music, how could she not when these beats were being dropped by the god fathers of breaks: DJ Icey, J Break, Eric Beretta and the rest of the sunshine states greatest, but just like a true believer in the gospel, those hard house beats born of the north still were what made her groove. Many Djs drop many styles but they all have the one, and Jennifer Marley brought the house with her, and in 2001 decided to step behind the tables, put the needle on the record, and begin her career as one of the most respected Djs to this day. She picked up residencies at her local venues in Melbourne Florida where she spun both house and breaks earning a reputation as a relentless bass driver where she was requested to reveal her talent through out Florida from Jacksonville to Miami as well as traveling to New York and New Orleans for Mardi Gras.


In the earlier days of internet radio, Jennifer knew there was an even bigger platform to be play on. She has been spinning on the World Wide Web in the for over a decade, with station broadcasting from Florida, Canada, Chicago, NYC and Japan. Along with the internet, she still played LIVE on radio stations like 107.1 Vybe Radio Miami and on Kiss 105.3 Gainesville FL.


No matter where you find Jennifer, she will have passion in every beat. Every set is harder, more intense and power driven than the next, but you would never know she felt that way as she stands behind the decks, grooving so gracefully watching the crowd dance harder than they have ever danced before. I write this not from only a factual standpoint but also from a level of depth. The time that I’ve known Jennifer she has embraced the fact that anyone who loves to dance is a part of the EDM family, and she welcomes everyone with: support, advice, and downright knowledge. Jennifer is a true testament to the organic purity of Electronic music, and a true leader in the aspect of PEACE, LOVE, UNITY, and RESPECT. Humble she is, but DAMN her sets are brutal.


Bio written by Scotty Fraser