Kittikun Minimal Techno

Gabriel Ananda – Soulful Techno

Gabriel Ananda was captivated by the sound of classical music by the early age of 8.
He was encouraged by his family to practice the cello, but it was through playing the
guitar that fueled his motivation to continue to learn about music. The guitar
became a useful tool to express his creativity, but Gabriel was not finished searching
for his musical direction. In 1995 that changed. A DJ set by Sven Väth was the
pivotal moment that ended Gabriel’s search to find his passion and two years later,
the new producer celebrated his first release for the German label Hörspielmusik. He
went on to release singles on Treibstoff, Trapez, Platzhirsch, and Karmarouge before
producing what was for him, a life changing track.

His 2004 release of “Süssholz” went straight to the top of the German DJ charts,
landing in the playlists of any well known DJ. It was followed by another “hit” in
2005 titled “Ihre persönliche Glücksmelodie“, and then “Doppelwhipper”, which
topped the end of year charts in 2006 and placed Gabriel in the eyes and ears of an
international audience, and quickly became one of the main contributors to the
growing Techno scene of Cologne. He began playing for the most prestigious
events on an international level, as a DJ, and a live act, using not only his own
productions, but also self made MIDI controllers, showing his passion for all aspects
of music, and the performance.

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In 2008, Gabriel founded his own label, Basmati, as a place where he can release his
own productions with complete artistic freedom, and by the end of 2011 Basmati
celebrated its nine releases, eight of those from Gabriel himself. One of the most
notable being the Live Series, which brings the energy of his live sets to the DJ, and
includes the worldwide chart topper, “Hey Blop”.