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Corey Biggs – Music is the Drug

50+ “Broadcast & Internet” radio stations, worldwide, + Social Medias (can be seen at end) within 6 continents, 2 hours, each week consistently, within perfection, authenticity & impeccable accountability.
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The Theme of “Music is the Drug Radio” is providing the awesomeness within, unbiased Deep House, Tech-house & Progressive house, techno, Electronic Dance Music, and anything else BADASS! within music genres!


The Music collaborations are created within the “being” whole, perfect, strong, loving, happy and harmonious to the vision for the radio station & their listeners.


The “Music is the Drug”, website intent, and peer perception, advises within intuition and wisdom within, the “BEING” of whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, happy and harmonious from within.


The Artist are Tactically, ‘RockStar’ Selected by “I”, Corey Biggs and creatively picked within music elite randomness daily, from music played & reviewed by ‘Rockstar.’


The intrinsic details & metrics of each artist selected, comes from their unbiased presentation of music and synergy, production styles, past music sets and work ethic in becoming indispensable performers, within oneness upon us, in the Dance Music Universe.