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Chus and Ceballos – Stereo Productions

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Undoubtedly, Chus and Ceballos are the most solid, professional pair of Djs/Producers
from Spain. Hailed worldwide for their excellent production works, including official
remixes for world-renowned artists like Madonna, they display a remarkable versatility
enabling them to play in small clubs to life-size festivals. Their marathon DJ sets
capture their genuine Iberican character, while their blend of styles between House and
Techno lie in perfect harmony, accentuating the unmistakable beat of the percussions.
Throughout the past decade, Chus and Ceballos have been the pioneers and creators of
the underground movement known as ‘Iberican Sound’. This resulted in the prologue to
an important saga for artists and producers, who have chosen Tribal as their way of life.
Their evolution throughout the past years has led them to the pinnacle of the global music
scene. All these years of hard work, absolute dedication, undisputed professionalism and a
constant evolution in sounds have led this infallible duo to the summit of success, bringing
them to securing residencies at the best clubs around the globe; Pacha New York, Space
Miami, Stereo Montreal, Ageha Tokyo, and many others. Chus and Ceballos represent an
invaluable legacy of sound, where their blend of styles is their dogma and the quality their