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Carlos Raw – DUL Recordings Podcast

Carlos Raw (Real name: Carlos A. Mejía) is a Dj and Producer that was born in San Salvador, El Salvador, in 1989. He began his DJ career in late 2004. Since the start, he has been influenced by different musical genres, acquiring along its development various techniques in mixing and music production, creating the unique style that characterizes him.

Carlos Raw has grown into the digital age, introducing himself by imposing great style, vibrant energy and music that combines heavy rhythms with drums, twisted basslines and catchy melodies. This has led him to play at clubs and radio stations in south and central america. His productions are marked by innovative and groovy sounds with great feeling, combining minimalism and tech shades in an overwhelming package of uncommon sound. He’s also the owner of DUL Recordings, a well-respected underground music digital label.