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Iman Deeper – Deep Sessions

Deep Sessions radio show presents a selection of latest quality Deep and Tech House tunes in an hour long mix



Iman Deeper’s music came to life in Tehran in early 2008, passed through Rome, and finally saddled in Berlin. His tunes reflect his personal and emotional experiences in life and also reveal his
advancement in his melodic career as a producer/ DJ.
Iman’s first EP ‘Sky Walker’ was released in 2010 by the UK label Revolucion Records. In 2011-2012 he produced and released music under the name ‘La Roca’ which grabbed the attention of various record labels such as: Big Mammas House, May Recordings, Doppelgaenger and Purple Sun. Soon after La Roca was disjointed, he moved to Berlin to pursue his unceasing passion for sound and studio life. And Berlin on the other hand has welcomed him with its diverse music scene and has given him a new perspective.


In the past 3 years Iman has been DJing and playing his live sets at different venues like Sisyphos, Arena, Ritter Butzke, Naherholungsternchen, as well numerous underground parties. Since April 2014 he has been doing an ongoing residency at Urban Spree where he organizes mind blowing parties together with Kretive Klinik
and their big and talented Berlin family.